Things you need to know when hiring a bus for hire and reward

What’s needed to hire a bus/coach for hire & reward to the public,


*Operators disc displayed on front windscreen for each vehicle all the time.

*Road Passenger Transport Manager (CPC)

*Road Tax


*CVRT (Yearly Test for each vehicle)

*L.P.S.V & S.P.S.V Disc for window (Test for each Vehicle)

*Seat Belts on all seats

*Seat Belt Certificate for all buses and all seats

*Driver cpc test for each driver

*Driver’s License for the vehicle been driven by each driver

*Tacho card for vehicles over 2005

*An up to date Tax number

IMPORTANT NOTICE (Teachers,Club Managers,Corporate clients or any person hiring a bus/coach)

Did you know that teachers or parents are not covered on the insurance of their cars to carry kids from a school  to a school event i.e: Foot Ball match you could end up in serious trouble with both your insurance company were they could end up cancelling your insurance because you where using your car for Business purposes on behave of the school.

If you are a teacher hiring a bus for your school trip it is your responsibility to make sure that the bus company you are hiring has all of the above documentation for the vehicle/vehicles been used for your school trip.It is your right as a service user  to ask for this documentation before you travel on your trip for your safety and the safety of your passengers.


All of the above items are available on request any time.